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AK Galleria's small effort to give back to the community where it got so much love and support. We want to work with impact-focused partners to create an equitable marketplace for home-owned brands to thrive! We want to use our platform to amplify Pakistani talent and showcase the brilliant minds of our entrepreneurs.

clear your closet responsibly!
Donating a piece extends its life by over 2 years on average which, in return reduces its carbon, waste & water footprints by over 80%.We accept pre-loved clothing, footwear & accessories at our exclusive partner stores. It is then donated responsibly to our partner- Akhuwat Clothes Bank.

It's time to consciously make smarter, more planet-friendly fashion choices. We want to highlight the collections from the brands that are making an effort to reduce their footprint. We want to empower everyone to choose, act, and think positively.
Discover our curated collection of planet-friendly choices!

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