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Where are you headed


Where are you headed?

A long vacation or on a mini weekend getaway?! 

Secluded beaches, mojitos & sunsets, or lush mountains? What is your idea of a perfect vacation? 

With the changing narratives of self-care and entertainment, the demand for vacations and weekend getaways is on the rise. There are plenty of fun and budget-friendly ways you can make the most of your summers! 

Weekend-getaway is the new hype!

Each one of us deserves to go offline for a while! No work calls, no stress – drive off into the sunset with your buddies or your family!   Check out these local Instagram-able spots that are all about exploring nature’s beauty:

Karachi to Gawadar

A stunning road trip down the Makran Coastal Highway for a perfect weekend getaway in Gawadar.

Hunza Valley 

Breath-taking green valleys and majestic mountains.

Kalam Valley

Glistening glacial lakes and alpine forests for adventure seekers

 Or you can expand your wings further to fly internationally:  

Catch the Next flight 

As they say, catch flights not feelings! -

Get your passports ready and your bags packed! Hop on to the next flight to these amazing holiday destinations 


It has to be Pakistan’s favorite destination! Get an e-visa, book a seat and you're all set to go.


This one’s extra crazy as you Get your visa on arrival guys!   The coral reefs and palm-fringed beaches await you in Tanzania!


Another location you can directly hop on to is Maldives! Nothing is better than experiencing a water bungalow over crystal clear waters. 

While you pack your bags, get all your vacation outfits here.